Car Talk

I tell my Aspie, “Keep talking.”
I am thinking, pay no attention to the fact that I’m not listening.  It’s not that I’m not trying to listen. I am, really. But somehow he loses me when an oncoming car veers into my lane, when I am stopped at a light behind someone turning left and watching in my rearview mirror as a fast-moving car bears down on us, when I am approaching a green light unimpeded only to have someone blow through the red light right in front of me. You know, those lovely moments of Boston driving that occur so often now that everyone is so stressed out.
But I can’t get stressed out, because driving to and from school is when my son talks non-stop for his own stress control. I want him to go to school and come home without meltdowns, so this is our arrangement, that unless I tell him I am overloaded and he has to be quiet for us to be safe, then he gets to talk in an indoor voice as much as he wants.
I was trying to remember them from our trip Monday, but as I was driving, I could not write anything down.  It was nonstop, but I only remember two things: “You know what’s so cool about dark matter?”  and after he was done with that topic, the following exchange.
Aspie: “Mom, do you know about gravity waves?”
Me: “A little, just from what you told me about them before.”
Aspie: “Oh.  [Long pause].  Can I tell you again?”
Me: “Sure.”

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How do my children pity me? Let me count the ways. One.

Sitting with his therapist and me, my son confided, “I didn’t get to sleep last night until 11:10.”  He added with a smile, “I thought that was cool.”  I said, “I get a kick out of that too, like when the clock says 1-2-3-4 [12:34].”  My son looked at me, like how in the world did I think that might even approach being cool.  “Mom,” he said, “that’s not binary.”

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